102 people in 14 states--that's how many Americans were reported to have measles in January according to the latest from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most--if not all-of these cases can be tied back to a recent outbreak at Disneyland, a case that's proving all too well how rejecting immunizations can result in widespread disease.

The thing that really gets me about this outbreak: it's 2015, and I should not be worried about measles. The disease was more or less ELIMINATED in the United States, thanks to diligent parents and guardians who made sure their kids were immunized. But here we are--it's 2015, and 102 people caught the measles last month; now thousands are being monitored across the U.S. for signs of this highly communicable and serious disease.

Unvaccinated people exposed to the measles have a 90% chance of getting the disease. NINETY PERCENT. I understand that allergies and age can prevent a person from receiving the MMR vaccine, which is why herd immunity is such a big deal. If we don't want our kids exposed to deadly diseases, we make sure they're immunized.

This has worked for decades... until the anti-vaccination movement began to catch on among parents who claimed that life-saving vaccines were just part of Big Pharma's plan to rob us of our hard-earned money and give our kids Autism... or whatever.

Full disclosure: I am vehemently opposed to the anti-vax movement. Why? THERE IS NO SOUND MEDICAL EVIDENCE THAT PROVES VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM. No studies, no articles, NADA. If there were some proven link I might reconsider, but the data just isn't there.

My grandparents were part of a generation that lost sisters, brothers, friends to childhood disease. I just can't comprehend why anyone would risk bringing that horrible past back to life. Why would you knowingly reject something that could save your child's life?  Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of parents in third-world countries who would do ANYTHING to obtain the vaccines you so blithely reject?

I don't get it. Feel free to blast me for selling out to King Pharma or whatever, but  Read Dr. Tim Jacks' first-hand account of dealing with the recent measles outbreak, and then try to tell me that vaccinating our children isn't important. Then watch the video below (from a pediatrician) and holler at me later with some evidence-based, clinically proven facts.


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