Sad news for old school Hip Hop lovers..Educated Rapper, a.k.a. EMD of the legendary Untouchable Force Organization (U.T.F.O.), passed away Saturday (June 3). He was 54. According to fellow group member Mix Master Ice. He died at a Brooklyn hospital after a cancer-fighting spell.

The whole of U.T.F.O. crew was present at EMD’s bedside before he died. It was the first time all original members of UTFO had been together in a long time. He had been sick with cancer and must have had it for awhile.”

U.T.F.O. is best remembered for their hit “Roxanne, Roxanne,” a classic rap track that gave birth to what later was known as the “Roxanne Wars,” a series of beef songs between the Brooklyn-based group and Queens MC Roxanne Shanté of the Juice Crew.


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