You know how most people make decisions to live healthier lives at the beginning of the new year? Well, my life-alteration decision almost always comes right before my birthday.

It's something about the realization that I'm getting older, habits are harder to change, and weight is harder to lose that makes me want to jump on it!

Like many, I've watched the "What the Health" documentary,  which made me even more interested in becoming a vegetarian than I already was. But I've discovered that being "meatless" doesn't always mean healthy or good for you. There are a number of other qualities in food that can disqualify its healthiness.

I recently came across an article that names vegetarian foods that no one should ever eat. One I found particularly interesting (and quite disappointing) was veggie burgers.

If you're already vegetarian, check out this list and tell me what you think. Agree or disagree? And what are some meals that helped you make the transition from omnivore to herbivore?

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