We want to recognize all of the Super Dads around West Alabama, and with your help, we'll crown the ultimate Super Dad. Last week we took submissions and used the weekend to narrow it down to this group of finalists.

Through the voting, three winners will be selected and win these perfect Father's Day gifts:

1st - Keuring Brewing System

2nd Guitar from Guitar Gallery

3rd - Druid City Brewery Tour

Take a look at all of the contest rules for any other questions, but you have until Thursday at 11:59pm CT to vote so make the next four days count! (You can vote once every hour until the contest closes.) 

Voting has ended. We'll tally votes and announce the winner on Friday! 

  • 1

    Allen Mclendon

    submitted by wife Annie

    Allen McClendon IS superdad. I met Allen when he returned from serving in Iraq in 2004. We married in 2005 and now have 2 beautiful children, Grady and Sadie. Allen has worked his way up in the world in order to provide for our family, but has always made our family his top priority. He lets me sleep in on the weekends and wakes up early to cook special meals for the children. He even stayed up most nights with our children when they were infants, probably more than I. Not only does he do everything for our family, but he also makes sure he is at most every doctors appointment with his mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last year. While his mother was going through Chemo, he also took care of his grandfather, making sure his end of life needs were met at the Tuscaloosa VA. My husband is a super dad, super husband, super son, and super grandson. The total package.

  • 2

    George Simmons

    submitted by daughter Jennifer

    My dad is very special to me in so many ways that words can't even describe. He has been through a lot over the past few years but he has always been there for me no matter what. In 2011, when the tornado came through Tuscaloosa, it destroyed my home. After my dad got me moved and settled in with him and my mom, he loaded up his truck and took supplies and things to Phil Campbell to help those people in need. No one sees the things that I do about my dad. I really love and appreciate him and everything that he has done for me and my family. He has been my rock for a very long time.I love him very much!

  • 3

    Jeff Dees

    submitted by daughter Jenny

    I want to start off by saying that I have an out of this world super dad and here's why. My biological father left my mom when I was a baby. My super dad came along a little after, gave me his last name, nurtured me, & loved me like I was his own. I moved in with my super dad when I was a sophomore in high school. My sister was still in middle school & growing, I was a teenager in high school trying to fit in & scared.
    My super dad was single & making sure we had what we needed. It can be hard but in the midst of it all, he taught us money doesn't matter as long as we a roof, food, and family. I wasn't able to get my diploma & felt like a failure but here came my super dad to save the day. He gave me the strength to keep going until I got my GED a month later. Growing up, I have failed but I know my super dad will be there when I need him.
    It takes a real life super man to do what he has done. For everything he has saved me from, he will always be my hero.

  • 4

    Doug Edmonds

    submitted by daughter Dana

    My Daddy is by far Super Dad. From day one of my soon to be 49 years on this earth he has loved, supported, encouraged and stood by me and my brothers in everything. He took nothing for himself but was always giving to us and very involved with all of our extra activities, playing ball, riding motorcycles or whatever we did he was sure to be part of. One thing I want to say about him though is that in the 49 years he was married to our mother, Linda Edmonds. Daddy was a very dedicated man to his wife and loved like no other ever could have. We watched the affection he had for our mother and didn't mind showing it growing up and what that instilled in us as children to adults was the kind of family I wanted to have. Why I feel my Daddy is "Super Dad" because on February 14th, 2012, he lost the love of his life and bride of 49 years to the day. My mother passed on Valentine's Day, their 49th wedding anniversary, but yet had the determination to carry on the strength to pass on to us.

  • 5

    Terry Greene

    submitted by daughter Chelsea

    My dad is an awesome father of three children: my brother, my husband, and me. He should be crowned Tuscaloosa's Super Dad. My dad is the hardest working man I know. A few years ago, my dad lost his job. This was very unexpected. My dad immediately started looking for another job. During this time he worked three part-time jobs. My brother and I were both in college at the time and my dad continued to help us pay for school. He did without things he wanted so that our family could have the things we needed. And not once did he complain. My dad is caring and kind. Not only does he love and care for his own family, my father loves everyone. He never meets a stranger and is quick to help those in need. As long as I can remember he has put others' needs before his own. My father has always given us his best. He has shared his values and wisdom with me. I am the wife and mother I am because of him. This year is a very special Father's Day. My dad is a granddad to a 4 week old baby girl! :)

  • 7

    Wade Thomas

    submitted by wife Mandy

    My husband wade is a SUPER DUPER dad to our triplet girls! He works so hard to provide for them. I know he would rather be fishing but instead he is hanging with our girls playing with barbies and watching all the princess movies over and over and over again, while he smiles and snuggles with them in a twin bed.(Wade is 6'3" so yes his feet hang off of a twin bed!!:) We love him to the moon and back!

  • 8

    Steve Hester

    submitted by wife Rhonda

    Our daughter and my husband were in an accident July 2009. My husband was in the back of the truck with our pet and our daughter was driving. As she crossed highway 82, they were struck by a car ejecting her Dad and our pet out of the back of the truck. He landed on the pavement. He broke his pelvis in seven places, had a punctured lung, broken ankle, broken arm, beat and bruised, etc. Our daughter was getting married November 2009. After several surgeries, a reconstructed pelvis, pins in sacrum and ankle, lots of prayers,and months in UAB and Northport DCH the wedding came and so did our miracle! He was determined to walk his daughter down the isle and with his determination and God's power - He did! He is our Super Dad and we serve a mighty God!

  • 9

    Theron Beard

    submitted by fiancé Sherri

    Theron (aka Chris) is super dad because he works very hard to provide for me and our 3 kids. About 7 & 1/2 years ago he started taking care of my oldest son and he chose to be his daddy when the biological father wouldn't step up! He is my son's father in everyday that counts. He didn't have to do what he did but that just proves how much he really loves us. He was there for me when my father had a 6 bypass almost 7 years ago. I couldn't ask for a better man to be the best daddy to our 3 beautiful babies!

  • 10

    Wade Wyatt

    submitted by wife Shannon

    He is a super dad because every day that he comes in from work our 7 month old boy Braxton has the biggest smile on his face and says daddy with is arms reaching for him. He works 7 days a week with no off time and he does tree work on the side so I can be a stay at home mom because he feels that family and me being there is more important than me working so he does all he can to make that happen. He helps me any way he can when he gets home with Braxton and already is teaching him family values and what a dad is all about - being there with all the love and support that a dad should give. He is everything a super dad is all about!