my son

My only Son lives in Las Vegas!



Most parents say "can't wait for my kids to be grown and move out of the house"!  I remember saying that myself a time or two.  Now I'm realizing, it was much easier when they were younger.

Now all grown, my children are living their lives in different parts of the US and I tell you...with the way things are going in the world today, I worry now more about them than I ever have.

My baby, is here in Tuscaloosa, enrolled at Stillman, my middle child lives in South Carolina and my oldest lives in Las Vegas. Hearing about the shooting on the strip in Las Vegas made my heart drop!

When I tried to call him this morning, his phone kept going to voicemail, well...being the Mother that I am, lol...I called his friends!  I couldn't move until I heard from him!   Thank you for ALL the prayers, he and his friends are safe.  If you still haven't heard from your loved ones or friend in the area, here's a number to call (866) 535-5654 to find out if they may have been affected by the shooting.