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A large amount of people left during Chaka Khan's performance over the weekend, wondering if she was drunk or something!


This past weekend, it was the 13th annual Jazz in the Gardens show.  This year’s lineup featured Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Fantasia, Smokey Robinson, and more. So, of course, with Chaka Khan being a legendary star, there was a lot of anticipation for her performance.

As Soon as Chaka Khan hit the stage, that's when everything went down hill.  Concert goers said she came on not knowing the words to her first song! According some people that was at the concerty, fans were left upset, shocked and a lot were even  concerned after her performance where they witnessed the legendary Chaka Khan forgetting the words to her classic hits, almost seeming unconcerned, relying on background singers to sing her lead vocals, while she danced strangely.

It turns out that Chaka Khan is sick with the flu and has been battling it for weeks!

A representative for Chaka Khan put out a statement, telling The Jasmine Brand that she “has been battling the flu for a number of weeks despite the doctor’s orders to cancel these shows and rest. Chaka not wanting to disappoint her fans has performed, while not totally 100%, and the media has been turning these difficult performances into something else.”

“Chaka values her fans and supporters and would never do anything to jeopardize their support and love,” the rep added. “Under doctor’s orders Chaka will be resting for the remainder of the week until her next performance engagement in Macon, GA, Saturday, March 24th.”

Below is a clip of her performance over the weekend.