Just because social distancing restrictions are being lifted doesn’t mean the threat of COVID-19 has gone away.  In fact, Alabama has seen a surge in cases.

With the number of events being cancelled and businesses operating under new guidelines, it’s safe to reason that the growth in numbers may be attributed to lack of personal accountability. Basically, it appears that if there is no “rule,” the likelihood of operating in caution diminishes.

Just think about it, the last time you went out to an establishment, were you wearing a mask? How many people did you encounter?  How many of them were wearing masks?  Do you pump gas while wearing gloves?  If not, do you immediately use hand sanitizer when you finish?

Here’s another idea that has existed before the coronavirus outbreak: Washing clothes before wearing them!

If you put enough thought into it, it’ll literally make you sick.  You don’t know who tried on a piece before you bought it, whether they wore proper undergarments, whether or not they even bathed before trying it on, etc.

Once you start thinking like that, you take chances with shopping online and purchasing clothing that no one has tried on, but then again you can’t try it on either!

However, it’s not the clothing that’s the issue, as the coronavirus is said to not have a long life on soft surfaces like fabric. But here are a number of other instances we don’t consider when we think of protecting ourselves:

6 Often Overlooked Sources of Germs

It’s crazy that it took a contagious illness for most of us to think about these things, but at least we’re now thinking about them. Hopefully, that turns into doing more to protect ourselves health wise.

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