Tuscaloosa you really came through for us!

As you've heard, we were out at Chick-Fil-A Tuscaloosa South this past week Panhandling for the Panhandle. We were raising money for Hurricane Michael relief and many donations were made, which we can't thank you enough for. Now, after we emptied the containers, and counted all the bills and coins, we've got a final total!

The total raised was an astounding $1,121.15! Your generosity is unmatched Tuscaloosa! We could have done this without you. We were blown away by your kindness and we thank you so much for your contributions.

We even raised so much money that I accidentally dropped the envelope holding the pennies...

Paradise dropped the Pennies!
Paradise dropped the Pennies!

Not my finest moment, but it was a silly moment nonetheless.

And once again, on behalf of Townsquare Media, thank you Tuscaloosa!


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