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When my children were a lot younger, my friends and I would joke that having a kid is like signing up for sleep deprivation torture.  You know that when you haven't had enough sleep, you can do some really questionable things.

So of course, I found a survey! This new survey asked parents what strange things they've done because of their sleep deprivation, and here are the top 10 answers.  However, I can honestly say, I've done a couple of these and I wasn't sleepy at all!


1.  Tried to wash clothes in the toilet.

2.  Poured baby formula into their coffee.

3.  Texted their boss thinking it was their significant other.

4.  Took a shower fully clothed.

5.  Tried to make a phone call on the TV remote.

6.  Left the house totally or partially naked.

7.  Opened the fridge looking for shoes.

8.  Waited for a stop sign to turn green.

9.  Drove to work without dropping off the kids at school first.

10.  Started cooking dinner at breakfast time.


Have you done something crazy that isn't on this list?


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