Ever hear the phrase life is too short, well that's thought that came to mine a little earlier while I was on Facebook earlier, the story went on to talk about life expectancy in all the states from Hawaii to Minnesota.

You would be surprise to learn where the state of Alabama falls in place, Hawaii of course being the best with a life expectancy toppling 80 years. Our Neighbors next door Georgia comes in 40th place at around 77.5 years.

But what about Alabama?

It checked in at number 49 at 75.4, you would think with all the best quality of life things would be better. Here's a bit more Information about the state Of Alabama

> Life expectancy at birth: 75.4 yrs.
> Obesity rate: 33.6% (4th highest)
> Smoking rate: 21.1% (tied-10th highest)
> Median household income: $44,765 (4th lowest)

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