Monique treated me to lunch today!  We agreed on one thing: pizza. Unbeknownst to me (Yes, I spend time with older people. I realize "unbeknownst" isn't used by young people. Anyway...) she chose to add a few toppings.

Now, to be fair, we had pizza last week. On that one, we got roma tomatoes, and I added green peppers to my half. So, she knew that I wasn't opposed to veggies as toppings, but I didn't quite expect to see spinach!

I mean, I like spinach.  I just never thought to put it on a pizza.  However, it is good.  I'll probably add it again on my own. But this made me think...

What are some "uncommon" toppings you like on your pizza or toppings that you've seen others add that you'd never before considered?

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