When given the opportunity to provide input for things that affect you, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

No, this is not about an election.  It’s about telling the powers that be what you want.

Yes, we love Charlie Wilson.  We love Fantasia, too.  Some of us are even still major supporters of R. Ke—Well, maybe not that one.

The point is we do love some recording artists and would pay to see them over and over again, but it’s time to bring more urban acts to the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater!

Who would you like to see take the stage?

Here’s my list (not in any particular order, other than #1 being my first choice for sure):

  1. Janelle Monae
  2. Action Bronson
  3. Jodeci
  4. The Hamiltones
  5. 69 Boyz
  6. 95 South
  7. Quad City DJs
  8. DJ Kool Herc
  9. Missy Elliott
  10. Ro James
  11. Childish Gambino
  12. The Walls Group
  13. Mali Music
  14. Lecrae
  15. Kirk Franklin

Yeah, I know I’m all over the place with this, but so is my taste in music.  Who would be your picks?

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