So after moving to Tuscaloosa during the spring of 2016, I've had some time to drive around and check out the city. I've even taken a look at areas that are nice and areas that are well, some not so nice at all. Some are even a eye sore, like right up the street on Skyland. What's up with the Mc Farland Mall, that place looks depressing.

I'm sure back in the day it was the place to be, looks like it once was the spot with Movie theater, nice anchor stores with Chilli's and other restaurant's in the Out partial.

It appears help was on the way until Cheddar's shut down back in October. So right now it's a huge eyesore with demolition in some parts while theres a thriving dollar tree down the middle. As you drive by, you just say to your self, what's up with that.

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