You've heard it... That person who curses, and it just doesn't sound right!  It's usually that person who isn't really one to curse, but she gets upset, loses control, and the only way she can express her frustration is to curse.  It either catches you so off guard that you laugh, or the way she put the words together just don't flow right.

Well, that's certainly not the case for comedian Steve Harvey.  He regularly expresses his expertise in the art of cussin'... and there's a difference between cursing and cussin'! Cussin' is an art!

Came across a post on Facebook that sparked a bit of curiosity:

Most families have "that one."  For "that one," the words just roll off the tongue as if cussin' is a second language, and he speaks it fluently! He can make the words sound funny and incite laughter from every direction, or he can use it to make someone feel angry enough that the only viable counter is to swing on him.

If Steve Harvey says he's in the top three for cussin', what two people would you choose to round out your three?

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