To have grown up in the deep south must have been an experience. I however, didn't grow up here in the deep south but a little farther up north and east.

The south is normally defined as anything below the Mason Dixon line.

The one thing I have found is that southern slang is commonplace from the back roads of Virginia to the depths of Alabama.

There are a few phrases that you'll only find in the south.

When I first was introduced the country way of life, I found that to many I talked like a city boy.

I didn't understand the way folks talked and they thought I talked funny all the time.

Now this is the burning question that I have wanted to know the answer to for many years with no success, Who is Cootie,(Cooter,Coodie)Brown?

From Nottoway County in Virginia to Pickens County here in Alabama everybody has heard of him, but nobody has ever met him.

He is legendary for his drinking as the old folks would say,'Your as drunk as Cootie Brown'. Now,that is one of my favorites southern sayings, but still who is Cootie Brown?