R. Kelly Performs At Bass Concert Hall


It's looking like there maybe criminal investigation going on for R. Kelly. HOWEVER, a news outlets is saying Jones Creek PD said "point blank, there's NO new evidence and no compelling reason to open an investigation into Kelly".

R. Kelly's camp is furious with Eaves over his news conference -- saying the singer is "outraged" at the insinuation he's doing anything wrong and believes Eaves is using the situation for his own personal gain.


According to Fox 5 Atlanta, This morning the Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners asked authorities to open a criminal investigation of R. Kelly, because of new evidence after the singer was recently accused of sexually exploiting and holding young girls against their will. Commission Chairman John Eaves said investigators have discovered new information surrounding the allegations against Kelly that’s has raised concern.


Not to mention, there's a National online petition to stop his entire tour! The woman's Advocate group and the name of the petition is called #muterkelly The petition has over 37,000 signatures.


K. Kelly Backyard Party tour is coming to The Oak Mountain Amplitheatre on Aug 26th.

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