This Government shut down is affecting you way more than you thought!


Since this shut down stared, people that do not work for the Government really didn't worry too much about this Government shut down...until now!

Most people , including myself didn't know that during a shutdown, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) only keeps about 12.5% of its workforce. That counts to just about 10,000 employees that stayed.  That sounds like a lot but actually,  it's not nearly half of their employees, which is regularly 80,000 employees strong!

What does that mean for us?  Not good news for us that is looking for a refund check! The IRS WILL NOT issue any tax returns until the Government shut down is over! 

Now, for the people that owe the Government, during the shutdown, the IRS will accept payments. (I'm not surprised)  If you owe money to the government, it’s still due by April 15, shutdown or not.


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