Have you ever been minding your own business and then stumbled upon something you probably weren’t supposed to see?

Me either!

I mean, most of the time, I’m minding my own business. But sometimes I’m not.  When I see signs that say Estate Sale or Open House, they’re a little hard to resist.

Real estate is one of my biggest interests, and I don’t discriminate.  I like some of the features in older homes but more of the designs in newer homes.

I’ve honestly found some great antique items at estate sales. So, when I saw a sign for one last weekend, I decided to stop by.

I didn’t see anything I wanted to purchase at this particular sale, but there was something else that caught my eye.


This truck was loaded down with things to be taken away from the house while a group of men stood nearby.  You know how it is when you need to move something, but you don't have a truck.  You call the person who has one.

Since there were so many people around, I asked them about the business.

It turns out Williams Pressure Washer offers service for cars, boats, homes, and businesses.

It's amazing how different a home or building can look following a simple pressure washing.  Years' worth of dirt and grime can be removed in a matter of minutes, giving the structure a completely different look.

The company also operates a cleaning service for houses, apartments, and businesses. To get more information, call (205) 765-8933 or visit them on Facebook by clicking here.

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