Impossible Question With Mary K – Week of April 27th

Be sure to listen weekdays in the  6 pm hour for the Impossible Question with Mary K.  The first person to answer the impossible question correctly wins a dozen of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at 205.391.0093! Also, be sure to download our free app because I’ll be sending alert reminders about when to call in for the Impossible Question.  Questions will be updated daily and the answers will be provided after it has been answered on 92.9 WTUG!

Impossible Question for Monday April 27, 2020

While stuck in quarantine with your spouse/family this is what bothers you most-what is it?  Chewing your food loudly

Impossible Question for Tuesday April 28, 2020

Only 67% of adult Americans know how to do this adult skill-what is it? How to tie a tie

 Impossible Question for Wednesday April 29, 2020

81% of us in a relationship are impressed when their partner does this for them-what is it?

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