There may be plenty to do and lots of gaming at the Pearl River Resort, but one thing they don’t play about is live entertainment. The first big concert this year is taking place this Saturday!

Willie Clayton, Omar Cunningham, and O.B. Buchana are performing live at the Pearl River Resort on Saturday, January 19.  We would tell you to go ahead and buy your tickets, but the show is sold out!

Luckily, it didn’t sell out before we grabbed some tickets to give away!

So, this is essentially your last chance to possibly see this show. Here’s how you can win the tickets:

On Wednesday, January 16, listen all day from midnight until midnight for songs by the featured artists (Willie Clayton, Omar Cunningham, and O.B. Buchana).  Keep a tally of how many songs you heard and text it to (205) 391-0093.  If more than one person has the correct number, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

In addition to tickets to the show, the winner will also receive a hotel stay at the Pearl River Resorts.

Be sure to listen to 92.9 WTUG all day Wednesday, January 16!  If listening to the radio isn’t convenient, you can always listen via the WTUG app,, or tell Alexa to enable the WTUG skill, and then tell her to play WTUG.


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