At some point, we’ve all been asked what super power we would choose if that sort of thing was possible.  Remember wanting to have x-ray vision? Well, meet the woman who is said to have it!

According to Beyond Science, Natasha Demnika of Russia is said to be able to detect ailments by simply looking at subjects.  She describes the phenomenon as having two sights, which she easily switches to see the state of a person’s health.

Are you jealous yet? Or do you think this is impossible?

A four-part documentary about Demnika and her gift has been uploaded to YouTube.  Here's the first part:

Tell the truth. You secretly want to pay the $13 for her to tell you exactly what you just paid as a copay for your doctor to tell you, don't you? You know.... Just to see if she really has "the gift."

If she really does have x-ray vision, surely she isn't the only person in the world with it, right? More of them should come forward.

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