Today is the last day of the Women and Gender Resource Center’s toiletry drive!

This drive benefits Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM).   This program gives incarcerated women a purse filled with toiletries upon their release from prison.

Life after incarceration can be difficult.  Many former prisoners struggle with finding their places in life and finding jobs.  The ability to provide for one’s self is often instrumental in maintaining a clean lifestyle.  This is key with former male inmates, but it means a lot more to women who have more hygienic needs than men.

The Women and Gender Resource Center at the University of Alabama works to address gender inequity by use of gender-related outreach, advocacy and support. To find out more about the services the organization provides and how you may be of assistance, click here.  At the site, you may also donate to endowed scholarships and sign up to receive newsletters.

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