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I know I can truly say,  most of us parents are really competitive when it comes to our kids. A lot of times we'll do some of the craziest things for our kids. I can say I have as well but I can honestly say, I've never cheated for my kids. How far would you go for your children? Would you cheat? Welp this one father did.

There's a guy named Richard Mercado whose son plays football for Nazareth Academy, which is in the west suburbs of Chicago.  And earlier this month, they were in a playoff game against a school called Simeon Career Academy.

Here's the problem,  Richard was on the sidelines with Nazareth, which is strange, because parents aren't usually allowed there.  However,  the real problem was,  he dressed up like a ref! Now,  he does work as a ref but not for that game!

While in his ref uniform,  he actually weighed in on a few of the tough calls the real refs were making.  And, of course, those all went for his son school,  Nazareth, who ended up winning the game. Now, some parents from Simeon are SUING.  They're calling for Richard and the other refs from the game to lose their jobs, and for Nazareth to be stripped of the win.

On the other hand,  Richard is denying that he swayed any of the calls.

What would you do if you had a child playing on the opposite team?