Unless you bring lunch to work with you, going out for a meal is probably a regular occurrence.  It is important to eat healthily while also maintaining a budget.  With that in mind, Monique and I decided to have lunch from Texas Roadhouse today.

I would like to lie like we don't eat out often, but.... I can't. (Oh, we kick it!)

Mojo:  I don't mess with beef. I think I'm gonna have the ribs.

Me: Ribs?  Wait! That sounds good. But I think I want to try their burger.  I don't think I've ever had one from there. A burger from a steakhouse HAS TO BE good, right?

So, we ordered. (We got Ed some chicken so we could each have a different experience.)

My burger was HUGE.... And I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I ate every bite! It was juicy and came on a toasted bun that was kinda like Texas toast-- but a bun! And the steak fries that came with it were seasoned to perfection.

Monique says her ribs were delicious. She said her green beans were SUPER GOOD, seasoned with real meat and were not bland AT ALL!

Old greedy Ed grabbed his food and left us hanging.  So, I'll have to check in with him later.  But I'm pretty sure he's going to have a rave review. By the way, Ed is our in-house food critic.  Everybody has that ONE family member or coworker who critique's EVERYBODY's food and tries to figure out how it was seasoned, whether it's food from a restaurant or home-cooked. Ed is ours!

Anyway, we enjoyed our lunch! We hope you enjoyed yours as well.  Be sure to let us know where to go next in the comments section!

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