It’s nothing like seeing the smile on a child’s face. I remember the way my child smiled when I took her to the circus. She still loves to go to the circus. Every time the circus comes anywhere in driving distance she is going to the circus.

I guess you can say she gets it honest, yes I love the circus. Maybe it’s because I always see some of the most majestic animals, daredevils that take chances I would never consider. At the circus you always see the most breath taking performances and of course the best tasting popcorn and cotton candy.

I’m going to the Ringling Brothers Circus and so can you. The Ringling Brothers Circus will be in Birmingham January 27-31 2016. WTUG is giving you a chance to win tickets both on the air and at WTUG.COM. Listen for the TUGBOAT on WTUG be the ninth caller when you hear it and win 4 tickets. Win your tickets at WTUG.COM here. See you at the circus

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