A few weeks ago, Sharetta Watkins, 3rd Grade teacher at Arcadia Elementary School asked me if I'd be willing to talk to her students about my career and my journey which brought me to it.  I agreed to do so, as it's always a pleasure to inform future generations of careers they may not have ever considered.


I told the students about coming to Stillman College from the small town of Aliceville, AL and how I worked as an unpaid intern for a year before coming on as a part timer and working for a year before being made full time and even how I climbed the ladder to now being the station manager.

I explained how math is one of the most important components of my job and how reading comprehension is extremely significant.

The great thing about children at that age is that they always ask questions  They wanted to know what celebrities I've met, who my favorite was, and whether or not I make a lot of money.

I had fun, but most important, I was able to show them that regardless of from where you've come, the sky is the limit and that they should take advantage of every opportunity to progress that's presented to them.

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