From fixing a broken cassette tape to having to track down your crush's number in a phone book, these are the daily trials you dealt with and most young will never need to deal with which are old.

Getting Only 3 TV Channels Plus, you had to get up to change them. (Not to mention that your parents probably made you change it to whatever they wanted to watch because your family only had one TV.)

Answering the phone without knowing who was calling because there's no caller ID. Or using your family's painfully slow rotary-dial phone to call your best friend, only to get a busy signal.

Looking up your friend's phone number in a phone book (and praying it wasn't unlisted!).

Looking for a pay phone to make a call and hoping you had enough change to do it.

Taping a favorite show over an old home video by mistake.

Spending hours trying to make the perfect mix tape for your crush. Or trying to untangle a cassette tape if it got yanked off the little wheels.

Dropping off your film at the drive-up photo store, then waiting days to find out there wasn't a single shot with everybody's eyes open. Or forgetting to buy flash cubes so all your photos were dark and fuzzy.

Figuring out how to fold an actual paper map the right way. And learning to read an actual paper map.

Going to the library to use the encyclopedia for a research paper or digging through the card catalogue to find those books.

Talking to a long-distance operator to place a call.

Driving to the video rental store on a Friday night to find
out all the good movies are gone. Or having to rewind the movie if the person who rented it before you forgot.

Waiting forever for those bleeps and beeps on dial-up Internet, then getting cut off if someone picked up the phone in another part of the house.

If you remember doing any or all of these things you're old...just like me and proud of it!


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