Six lousy minutes. That's all it took for defensive end Elvis Dumervil to lose his place on the Denver Broncos and an $8 million salary.

Elvis Dumervil Lost 8 miilion dollars in 6 minutes

Here's what happened: Dumervil agreed to a restructured contract with the Broncos that would pay him $8 million for the upcoming football season. That was down from $12 million. Dumervil's agent, Marty Magid, said he didn't get the final paperwork from the Broncos until 3:30 p.m. ET on Friday -- just 30 minutes before the league's deadline to fax the new contract.That left a mad scramble to get Dumervil to a fax machine -- a Kinko's in Miami, according to reports. The first fax number Dumervil tried wasn't working, so the Broncos gave him a second fax number Dumervil finally sent the fax at 3:55 p.m. ET -- five minutes before the deadline.But the fax didn't come through to the Broncos until 4:06 p.m. Too late. The Broncos had already formally released Dumervil and ended all contract negotiations.The Broncos are saying that Dumervil declined the $8 million offer and changed his mind with just 35 minutes to go before the deadline. Dumervil just cut it too close and missed his window.
Plenty of lessons here for Dumervil and his former agent. And why is the NFL relying on the fax machine in this age of high-speed communication?