It’s not hard to make bacon taste delicious. Sure, Bacon Lattice Mac and Cheese Pies are awesome, as are Bacon Weave Grilled Cheeses and Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Doritos,

New Bacon Cheddar Potato Melt

but there’s just something about eating a plain old strip of bacon right out of the frying pan that harkens back to simpler days. Late nights on the playground. Sunday Breakfast with the family.Don’t worry, all you dewy-eyed dreamers; Arby’s totally gets it, at least judging by the composition of their new test sandwich, the Bacon Cheddar Potato Cake Melt.It’s two halves of a slice of cheddar cheese and thick-cut pepper bacon sandwiched between two “Potato Cakes,” or hash browns. Or basically how you ate all those pre-made breakfast packs as a child anyhow.The new sandwich is part of a test value menu called the “Snack ‘n’ Save,” aimed on improving Arby’s traffic during off-hours.