Kardashian stepdaddy and former Olympian Bruce Jenner has had surgery to reduce the size of his Adam's apple. Although it is hard to image why, I've compiled a list of possible reasons.

10. Adam's apple cancer. (No joking matter. Cancer is serious, no matter where it is. This ends the possible serious reasons.)

9. He was tired of people checking for it to make sure he is a man.

8. It looked odd having a bulge under turtlenecks.

7. He was afraid he might be growing a real frog in his throat.

6. He couldn't find any other work to have done above his shoulders.

5. The Kardashian sisters dared him to.

4. It provided too great of a chopping target.

3. It was a way to make headlines.

2. It was accidentally damaged while he was getting his neck skin tightened.

1. Kris told him to, and everybody does what Kris says.