If you have not read Jade's post from earlier, let me tell you...'It Wasn't My Fault'. So here is what got her attention, my 'Alabama Jerk Chicken Wing's' as I have come to call them.

Here's how: First you need chicken wings (fresh is possible), a good grilling surface,a good hot fire,and some jerk seasoning( e-mail me to get recipe for jerk seasoning).

Clean and cut wings into pieces then marinate in jerk seasoning at least 30 min if not longer(overnight to couple of days).

Get your grill clean and fire hot before you add the wings.

Cook 35-45min over medium heat turning frequently(so they dont burn) basting with reserved seasoning.

Remove from heat and transfer to oven preheated to 250 degrees(this makes suire theyre done to the bone) for another 10-15 min.

Then sit back and enjoy.