Lately, I've been thinking about purchasing a booth for the West Alabama Trader's Market so I started going through some of my stuff at home and I came across a bag of things that I collected from the time of my daughter's birth until she came home from the hospital.

(I'm planning to use all this stuff to put together a scrapbook.)

Look what I found:

Jade Nicole, WTUG

It's a diaper from her first pack of diapers in the hospital. And that diaper was actually too big – she was two pounds and fourteen ounces when she was born.

If you haven't already heard the story of her birth, it was pretty dramatic: Jireh was taken by emergency c-section to save both of our lives. My blood pressure had gotten so high, that I was at risk of stroke and my kidneys were shutting down. I gained nine pounds overnight!

Once she was delivered, within a week, I was twenty pounds lighter than I was before I got pregnant.