State authorities continue to search for 42-year-old Kevin Gray, who has been missing since his car went into the Black Warrior River on March 9. His brother, who was also in the car, was able to escape the vehicle and swim to shore.

Alabama officials say the state has run out of one of the three drugs used to execute death row inmates, halting the execution of any death row inmates for the time being.

The government will allow a grace period for some people who start registering for health insurance and don't complete the process before the March 31 deadline. Officials say the website got more than 1 million visitors Monday alone.

Former TV judge Joe Brown was arrested and sentenced to five days in jail during an outburst in a child support hearing Monday. He was later released from jail by a Circuit Court judge who will hear agruments next week about dropping the charges and sentence. Brown, who is a current political candidate, is challenging the charges.