According to the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, Adopt-A-School Week is being celebrated, with appreciation being expressed to partners and projects and activities provided to schools through the program being highlighted. Tomorrow is Honor Your Partner Day, and Friday is designated to promote literacy and celebrate Read Across America Day.


  • Legislation has been introduced in the state House and Senate that would repeal common core standards in Alabama schools. Supporters say the standards make it easier for Alabama students to transfer to another school or another state without being far behind or ahead, while critics say the standards are unnecessary.


  • With the political standoff over spending set to trigger major cuts starting Friday, and economists say the impasse is the biggest drag on the economy and could persist for quite some time.


  • In entertainment news, MSN reports that Janet Jackson says rumors regarding an upcoming extravagant wedding simply aren't true because she and her fiance were married last year in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony.