Some severe winter weather may be approaching that will have us all stuck inside. Here's some things to do so you won't go too crazy.

1. Netflix and Chill. Binge watch on all the TV shows you haven't been able to keep up with because of your busy schedule.

2. Organize. It's never too early to get started on Spring cleaning, plus you have plenty of time.

3. Experiment on cooking your favorite dish. I'm sure there's one dish we've all been  wanting to try, make it!

4. Create a vision board. Use magazines to cut out inspirational words and pictures to describe how you want 2017 to go.

5. Cuddle. I heard cuddling releases good feelings, so snuggle on up.

6. Read the book or listen to the podcast you've been hearing good reviews on.

7. Pamper yourself. Use your winter stay at home day to take care of yourself. Go on Youtube to find everyday things you can use to pamper yourself.

8. Nap. There's no such thing as too much sleep. Plus, I'm sure you're still exhausted from winter break and holiday festivities.

9. Re-watch Alabama's winning season. #Rolltide

10. Listen to your favorite Tuscaloosa station, 92.9 WTUG, on your mobile device and computer.

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