New England Patriots v New York Jets
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This little boy out of Kentucky proved to the world what I already know...the Patriots cheated!

A smart 10 year old named Ace Davis, from Lexington, Kentucky created a science fair project that not only will blow your mind but will also prove that there was some cheating going on.

At first glance, it just looks like a poster about the big game controversy, with memes, and recaps of the NFL's investigation,

However, this isn't the average 10 year old, he added some science to his project, with the help of Mom and Sister, they threw footballs of different inflation levels.

Like me, Ace is NOT a Brady fan. When he was asked how he came up with the idea, he said, quote, "Because I hate Tom Brady. Lol, at 10 years  old he knows what he likes, he even went on to say that the L.A. Rams will win the Big Game 30-14, after Brady throws three interceptions and Todd Gurley runs for two touchdowns.

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They found that the underinflated balls traveled the farthest. Ace WON the science fair, and now he moves on to a district competition!!  Congratulations and I hope he's right!