I start my mornings off reading news stories in our area,so that when I am on air, I can keep our listeners informed. Today as I was doing my normal scrolling, I came to an article about an 11 year-old boy found dead.

My heart instantly sunk.

Yes I know, children die everyday to many causes, but on this particular case, the Birmingham Police are ruling it a homicide.

His name is Nassir Battle and on Friday, March 3rd he was found on his bed with a shallow pulse when officers arrived. Nassir was transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Nassir was home with his mother's boyfriend, who police later questioned. Nothing is known yet, but I'm going to keep you updated.

The Coroners Office ruled on Saturday that his death was a homicide.

I'm praying for Nassir's family and that whomever killed him is brought to justice.

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