So, the ground is covered in snow across the state, prompting many closings.  Whether work or school, a break is always welcome; but every now and then, you don't know what to do with yourself with unexpected free time.

Here are a few suggestions of things to do in Tuscaloosa.

  1. Play in the snow!  How often will you have that chance?
  2. Sleep.  Nine times out of ten, you need the rest. Take advantage of the opportunity.
  3. Clean. We often get so engulfed in everything else that our homes sometimes go neglected.  Today, you have time to address it.
  4. Watch movies.  This is the kind of weather that forces you to be at ease.  Why not get caught up on some of the movies you've placed on your list of must-sees?
  5. Play board games. Sure, the kids have their electronics, but this is optimal time for family bonding.
  6. Read.  No doubt there are some books you've purchased and haven't taken the time to delve into or some links you've bookmarked but haven't returned to finish.

No sense in suggesting food items.  In this kind of weather, stews, soups and chilis reign supreme! (And maybe a grilled cheese sandwich.)

Now, if you're skilled at driving in the snow and aren't afraid to venture away from home, you can enjoy the following, pending their hours of operation:

1. Go bowling.

2. Go ice skating. Holidays on the River runs through January.

3. Go skating.

4. Go to the movies.

5. Take a stroll down the Tinsel Trail.

6. Paint!  All Fired Up gives you a chance to create your own masterpiece, which can be decoration, an item you actually use, or a personalized gift.

7. JUMP!  Upsurge trampoline park opened months ago.

Looking at Christmas lights across the city might have been a suggestion if there weren't already warnings of possible black ice this evening into tomorrow morning.

If you have other suggestions, email me at, or leave your suggestion in the comments section.

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