Taylor Rosenthal isn't your average 14 year old. Taylor is in 8th grade at Opelika Middle School and invented and patented an idea that drew a $30 million offer.



According to Opelika-Auburn News writer Meagan Hurley's article on oanow.com, "Taylor Rosenthal coined the idea for first aid vending machines in his Young Entrepreneurs Academy class sponsored by the Opelika Chamber of Commerce."  The article quotes young Taylor as saying:

“I make something called the RecMed vending machine. It’s a computerized vending machine that functions similarly to a Redbox machine but instead of it dispensing DVDs, it dispenses first aid supplies. So we put these at any high traffic places that kids could get hurt, so like amusement parks, all kinds of parks, recreational centers, conventions, football stadiums, baseball fields, everywhere,”


It's hard to imagine turning down $30 Million but Taylor did.  He said he feels it could be worth more in the future.

Hurley's article also states: “A large national healthcare company contacted us and said we feel the idea is worth this, would you like to sit down and talk? It’s his company. He declined because he wants to at least get it started and see how it goes,” said Rosenthal’s father, Terry.

The 14 year old was also recently recognized by Inc., a national business magazine, as one of “20 Teenage Entrepreneurs Set for Success.”

Rock on Taylor.

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