Twelve years ago, an awkward young singer from High Point, North Carolina emerged into the spotlight after winning the third season of American Idol. Fantasia Barrino became a household name and would grapple with the realities of fame, pain and heartache over the next several years. With her ups and downs, Fantasia wasn't exactly regarded as a style maven--but a lot has changed since 2004.

Around 2013, Fantasia began to come out her proverbial shell and the more mature star began to own her look her way. Ever since, 'Tasia has rocked, owned and dazzled in her appearances, on red carpets and during her entertaining performances across the globe. On the eve of the release of her fifth studio album, The Definition Of..., she's let fans and tastemakers know her style game is in full swing as she hit New York City's Club No. 8 for her official album release party.

To let Fantasia know we see her, we're giving a look at 20 of our favorite of Fantasia's best I-know-you-see-my-style moments!

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