It is reported that three Alabama police officers were killed in the first have of this year alone. While there has been more than 120 homicides throughout the state, to have three as a result of the line of duty is concerning, especially since only two officers were killed in all of 2018 and only one in 2016 and 2017 each. Source.

So, what is the cause of the increase? Is it the lack of trust in law enforcement and the justice system? A fear of being killed first, or an underlying desire to be removed from life as one knows it?

Not many will knowingly place themselves into situations where they know being killed is a stronger possibility than that of other occupations, but if they're serious about serving and protecting their communities, surely officers should be expected to protect themselves as well. It's easy for average citizens to express outrage when an officer shoots and kills, but where is the outrage when a cop is killed for no reason other than doing his job?

There must be accountability on both sides of the line if the line is to be walked.

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