At the onset of COVID-19 when everything shut down and we weren’t going anywhere, most of us found ways to keep ourselves sane while remaining isolated from others for the most part.

It seems like we’re slowly moving back to integrating ourselves into what used to be our regular activities, with a few modifications of course.

Many are choosing to dine inside food establishments, some are going back to bowling alleys, movies, and other indoor facilities.  However, more safety precautions are being taken such as continuing to practice social distancing and wearing face coverings.

It goes without saying that students who are participating in virtual learning don’t have as much social engagement as those who are attending school in person and that they’re probably dealing with a bit of cabin fever.

Luckily, organizations like 205 Youth Outreach and Team BBE continuously create opportunities to break from the monotony and enjoy fun events that are geared toward the whole family.

Friday, Nov. 20th, a Family Movie Night will be held at the Northport Community Center where families can enjoy a movie and snacks for a donation of just $5.


205 Youth Outreach and Team BBE consistently serve communities in West Alabama and East Mississippi by hosting various fundraisers, the proceeds of which are used to treat area youth to fun things like day trips to the beach, fishing excursions, and more.

Run by a team of local business owners, the groups are also big on assisting in the cultivation of businesses run by young entrepreneurs.

To find out more on 205 Youth Outreach and how you may be of assistance in the group’s endeavors, click here.

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