When it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts, stores like Walmart and Target are always on the list of places to visit. Therefore,  they're usually crowded. Here are a few stores where you can get uncommon gifts at great prices and shorter lines.

1. Academy Sports- Academy has LOTS of sporting gear, electric rides, and other items for the entire family at great prices. For instance, I ended up returning an item I bought at another store to get a bigger one at Academy for $100 less.

2. Michaels- Most children enjoy making things. Michaels has all kinds of kits that would interest crafty kids.

3. Hobby Lobby- The same reason for shopping at Michaels.

4. Office Depot- Simply put, Office Depot has items for every techie and non-techie. One of my daughter's favorite toys is her fidget spinner. She also loves her tablet. Office Depot has a fidget spinner that functions as a phone/tablet stand for only $5. They also have a virtual reality viewer for mobile phones.  It's only $15.

5. Barnes and Noble- Last year,  we got my niece a cookbook for kids. That gift gave all year long.  There are also other goodies and games for people of all ages.

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