The Cinco de Mayo holiday is just around the corner, which means a lot of people are preparing themselves for a lively night filled with revelry!

Here are five things we love about Cinco de Mayo, whether we are young or old!


Dragons Love Tacos
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Tacos are the most obvious thing we love about Cinco de Mayo. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like tacos. Old ones love tacos. Young ones love tacos. Heck, even DRAGONS love tacos! Whether you choose your tacos with a crunchy shell or wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla, your taco is going to be good. Make your Cinco de Mayo tacos special by adding a garnish you typically don't use at home, like shredded radishes, red lettuce, or a spritz of fresh lime.


Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo
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So many drinks, so little time. Even if you choose to have a non-alcoholic beverage for Cinco de Mayo, you can't go wrong without a twist of lime. Our favorite hoppy drinks on this special day typically include Modelo or Corona beers (with a twist of lime), margaritas (frozen or not, flavored or not), and daiquiri drinks. I'm feeling parched just thinking about it.


Mariachi band
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Our favorite music to listen to on Cinco de Mayo includes mariachi, Tejano, merengue, bachata (if you're feeling frisky), and regional Mexican music. I can cut a rug to all of them and I ain't scared to show you what I'm working with! I'm going to be busting out the Selena streaming station, personally.

Colorful Decor:

Colorful Mexico
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Vibrant, warm colors create a beautiful scene for your Cinco de Mayo party. Think of lime, festive fuschia, florescent yellow, vivid orange, brick red, royal blue, and deep turquoise colors when you pick out your party decorations. Party City (4801 S Broadway Ave, Tyler) has plenty of things to choose from to make your Cinco de Mayo party pop, whether it's with balloons, plates and napkins, or even piñatas!


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

You would be a fool if you actually think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence day. Not sure how so many Americans have come to believe that myth. Were they taught that in school en masse? Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's version of Independence Day, notably because Mexico declared their freedom from Spain, not France. Cinco de Mayo is about the fight Mexico and France had about the city of Puebla and later they got to scrapping over Mexico City. France lost that fight, obvi. Speak some Spanish on Cinco de Mayo to show homage to the celebration of Mexico keeping their city free from baguettes and brie! Si se puede!

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