There are three things in Tuscaloosa for which there will probably never be a shortage: condos, churches, and restaurants!

There are a number of restaurants with offerings to fit anyone's desires.  There are restaurants with options for vegetarians, some where non-dairy products are used, and others with gluten-free menu items.

There's fast food for those who eat on the go, casual dining options for those who want to enjoy a festive atmosphere, and even fine dining for a sophisticated night out (and sometimes brunch/lunch options).

With so many options out there, some people still eat in the same places over and over.  It could be that they just stick with what's familiar. Lack of proximity to other places could be a hindrance. Sometimes, people just eat what best fits their budgets.

Whatever the case may be, the options are still there. Here are six reasons you should consider trying something new (if you haven't eaten there already) and visit Reggae Flava.

6 Reasons to Dine at Reggae Flava

With a greatly desired downtown Tuscaloosa location  (in Temerson Square, 2322 4th Street to be exact), there's not a significant amount of travel time involved no matter your starting point; and the serving sizes are suitable to share or to save a portion for a later meal or snack. Add that to the fact that the food is affordably priced, and this place is definitely a winner for all.

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