As I was on my way to work yesterday i drove past several houses where family and friends were gathered for the 4th of July holiday celebration.

I noticed that every house I drove past the people gathered there were really enjoying themselves, so here are a few of the things i noticed that made the celebration so enjoyable.

The first thing i saw was the big smoke clouds coming from the grill, that let me know that there was some delicious food being prepared .As i drove past I could also smell the ribs in the air.

The second thing i noticed was all the families that had  gathered to celebrate the holiday and how delighted they were to be with each other.

The third thing i noticed was as i drove past i could hear the sound of 92.9 WTUG being played in the background, and last but not least the sound of children popping firecrackers and having the time of their lives.

So to ensure yourself a good time when kicking it with the family you need good food, someone who knows how to cook the good food, family and good music from Tuscaloosa's number one station for today's r&b hits and classics 92.9 WTUG.



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