scoop of vanilla ice cream


Are you Lactose intolerant?  Then the sight of this ice cream just upsets you because you know you can't have it without your stomach being upset, well I have Good News!!


I'm lactose intolerant as well but I didn't always have a difficult time digesting lactose, it just started over a period of time.

My grand daughter also can't drink milk or have any other dairy product, actually.  She has a condition called Eosinophilic (ee-uh-sin-uh-fil-ik) esophagitis. Known as (EoE) is a recognized chronic allergic/immune condition. A person with EoE will have inflammation of the esophagus. If she eats any type of dairy products, she vomits.  It's just not the regular old vomit, she has projectile vomiting!

Knowing that, I automatically thought about the fact that she would never get to experience ice cream! Every kid loves ice cream.

Well, I was walking through the frozen isle section of Walmart and couldn't believe what I saw!  Lactose Free ice cream!! I was so happy, I started dancing!  Not only can I enjoy milk shakes again, my Anissa now know what ice cream tastes like!

I bought some, took it home and couldn't wait for her to try it! Just as I thought, she loved it! Thank you Breyers!  There may be other brands but this is the only brand I saw in Walmart!

If you or anyone in your house is lactose intolerant, you can enjoy ice cream again without...well, you know! Here's what the container looks like.