So remember last month, I took a trip to Illinois?  I forgot to show you this!  I was on my way to The Lou (St. Louis) to see that arch and while on the road, I seen this sign with a bull on it and something about testicles.  I wasn't sure what it said, so I had my boyfriend get off the interstate and go back around because at this point, I knew I didn't read the sign I thought!

We turned around and got back on the interstate and to my surprise, I did read the sing right! The City of Olean, Missouri was having a TESTICLE FESTIVAL!!  Not to mention the 25th Annual Testicle Festival

Known as Rocky Mountain oysters, they aren't exactly seafood. The dish is known by many names: prairie oysters, cowboy caviar or calf fries, to name a few. They are traditionally made with fried bull testicle!

After doing a little investigating, I found that this Testicle Festival is held in other States as well!  States like Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to name a few!

They can have that, they are NUTS!  Lol