There have been numerous cases throughout history where parents have sought justice for the death of their children, but what happens when that child was never born?

Ryan Magers has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, who aborted a pregnancy in 2017. Magers is said to have pleaded with the mother to not terminate the pregnancy, though they were both teens at the time of conception. Full story.

This case comes after a newly approved constitutional amendment, which says it's Alabama policy to recognize the "rights of unborn children."

This case could open a much larger can of worms. How far do the rights of the unborn go? Could a father then determine what the diet of a mom should be? Decide when she sleeps and when she should be awake if it's what he deems best for the baby?

Let's take it a step further. If stress causes a mother to lose her baby, could the stressor be held responsible?

There are so many questions. Yet, there's one thing we know for sure: This case will be in the headlines for as long as it continues, as it's sure to spark a great deal of controversy.

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