As a recently new parent, there are so many things I now worry about that I didn't think of beforehand. Sadly, drugs being in public places is now a thing I have to worry about in Alabama.

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Never would I have ever thought to scan the ground of the beach, a supermarket, or even a park to make sure there were no drugs on drug-contaminated items in reach.



Children will pick up anything and play with it. They're curious and have no idea about the potential dangers of the world.

Recently, police in Alabama warned residents about finding a highly potent and even deadly drug out in public places. It seems like people are finding this drug more often in Alabama.

In a Facebook post, the Butler Police Department sent out a warning to residents about finding a folded dollar bill on the ground.

According to the post, those folded dollar bills could contain a drug called Fentanyl.

police detention drug courier.
Roman Didkivskyi

The DEA states that Fentanyl was originally developed for pain management treatment of cancer patients. Since its development, the drug has been seen on the streets being used recreationally.

The drug is very dangerous and even deadly according to the DEA. They have Fentanyl listed as a synthetic opinion 50-100 times stronger than morphine.

Earlier this month, WFSA reported that a toddler found a dollar bill stuffed with the deadly drug in Orange Beach.

Parents of small children everywhere need to make sure they keep their eyes peeled.

This is the last thing our children need to come in contact with.

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